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Альбом: Live in London: 35th Anniversary Show

Музыкант: Incognito

© 2015

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1. The 25th Chapter

2. Hats

3. Silver Shadow

4. Hands Up (If You Wanna Be Loved)

5. Ain't It Time

6. It's Just One Of Those Things

7. Roots

8. Giving It Up

9. Still A Friend Of Mine (feat. Imaani)

10. Rapture (feat. Imaani)

11. Parisienne Girl

12. Goodbye To Yesterday (feat. Mo Brandis)

13. Good Love

14. Tin Man (feat. Carleen Anderson)

15. Another Way (feat. Carleen Anderson)

16. Brazilian Love Affair

17. Lowdown (feat. Mario Biondi)

18. This Is What You Are (feat. Mario Biondi)

19. As

20. Always There

21. Never Known A Love Like This

22. Harvest For The World